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9x13 Antique Tabriz Rug

9x13 Antique Tabriz Rug

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Exact size: 9'4"x12'8.5"


Western Persia, Tabriz, circa 1920s

This antique Tabriz is the embodiment of elegance, legacy and craftsmanship. Bold hues and one-of-a-kind accents will land drama to any space. Heirloom quality with a highly desirable "distressed/worn" look that's truly authentic. Gorgeous all-over pattern with a very wide ornate border. Moody cypress green field with warm accents of rusty red, sage, chocolate and nutmeg. A truly captivating piece in a remarkable condition. Low wool pile on a dense cotton foundation.


This rug was carefully curated with a focus on colors, motifs and weave quality that reflect the artistry and history of where it comes from. It is an original rug produced by the people living in the region at that time. As such, it also reflects the wear and care by the generations of families that owned it and passed it down to each other as an heirloom. Signs of natural wear, repairs and asymmetry are only evidence that this rug has been around around the block and proudly shows it. The rug’s unique imperfections along with a perfect amount of patina simply prove that this Tabriz was built to last.

Photos were taken in natural daylight from different angles. Please be mindful that you may notice some slight color and tone variation depending on the amount of light in your space.


Pile: 100% wool
Foundation: pure cotton
Color: natural dyes obtained from plants

Care Instructions

Oriental rugs are extremely low-maintenance and very durable. Each rug rug has also been professionally cleaned and repaired.


Upon receiving the rug, unroll and lay it flat as soon as you can. Creases should disappear within a couple of weeks.

Use a rug pad underneath to prolong longevity of your rug and avoid slipping and moving.


Vacuum your rug gently, preferably with the beater off. Alternatively, sweep off dust and dirt with a soft bristle broom.

Spot clean with natural cloth and mild soap; avoid rubbing.

Professional cleaning is recommended every couple of years or when deeper cleaning is needed.


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